Renesas RZ/V2H 2GB/4GB/8GB RAM

Kakip, a Single Board Computer equipped with the new generation AI-MPU Renesas RZ/V2H, has AI inference processing performance of up to 80 TOPS with the powerful NPU DRP-AI3 and multi-core capability to run multiple OSs simultaneously. It can be used for the development and integration of various applications including robotics, as it is equipped with many interfaces including a 4-channel camera input.

Core Processor: Renesas “RZ/V2H”

In the development of next-generation robots, a sophisticated fusion of the brain and the physical is essential. The core processor “RZ/V2H” in Kakip has a multi-core configuration with three different CPUs that can simultaneously realize brain-side processing with Linux (AI image processing with DRP-AI3 and Open CV acceleration with DRP), physical control with RTOS, and I/O control. It provides an optimal solution on a single chip for various applications including robot development.


  • 1. CPU
    • Multi-core CPU configuration enables various OS controls such as coexistence with R0S2 or RTOS.
    • Powerful CPU cores are ideal for robots that perform complex tasks.
    • Three cores with different performance enable different applications to be built in each.
  • 2. NPU
    • The latest “”DRP-Al3″” with excellent power performance (TOPS/W base) provides powerful Al image processing.
    • DRP is also equipped, enabling efficient offloading of OpenCV and other inference image processing.
  • 3. Memory
    • Low power consumption and high speed LPDDR4 eliminates processing speed bottlenecks.
    • Large memory capacity provides room for data storage in Al image processing and edge loT.
  • 4. Ethernet
    • 1000BASE-T PoE+ network controller is equipped to connect to the peripherals.
  • 5. USB
    • 2 lines of USB3.0 HS/SS host interfaces are equipped to connect to the peripherals.
  • 6. CAN
    • 2 lines of CAN-FD interfaces are equipped to connect to motors and actuators.
  • 7. MIPI
    • 4 lines of MIPI-CSI2 (4Lane) are equipped to connect 4 cameras maximum.
    • Optional HAT board enables you to connect the cameras which has GMSL2 interface.
    • 1 port of MIPI-DSI (4Lane) is also avairable.
  • 8. PCIe
    • Equipped with PCIe x1 as an endpoint, so can be used as expansion board.
  • 9. SD card
    • Equipped with an SD card slot for data storage as well as Linux booting.
  • 10. RTC
    • Equipped with a real-time clock to keep time even without a network (no battery backup function; power must be supplied).
  • 11. Other
    • Equipped with GPIO pin headers for expandability with HAT



AI-MPU: Renesas RZ/V2H
  • CPU:

    Cortex-A55 Quad 1.1GHz / Cortex-R8 Dual 800MHz / Cortex-M33 200MHz

  • NPU:

    DRP-AI3 (INT8) / DRP (STP4)

  • Memory:

    LPDDR4 1600MHz (2GByte, 4GByte, 8GByte)

  • RTC:

    Standard equipment (external power supply required)

  • Ethernet:

    10 / 100 / 1000 Base-T RJ45

  • Video In:

    MIPI-CSI 4Lane x4 (22pin/0.5mm)

  • Video Out:

    MIPI-DSI 4Lane (22pin/0.5mm)

  • PCIe:

    PCIe 3.0 x1 endpoint (16pin/0.5mm)

  • USB:

    Type-A socket x2 (USB 2.0 x2/USB 3.0 x2)

  • GPIO:

    40-pin 2.54mm pin header
    26 x GPIO 3.3V 16mA/ UART/ I2C/ SPI/ I2S/ PWM/ 5V output (power supply dependent) / 3.3V output 50mA (sum of GPIO signals)

  • SD Cards:

    micro SD memory card

  • Power supply:

    12V/2.4A (DC jack Φ5.5/2.1)

  • Dimentions (mm):

    L89 x W58 x H20

  • OS:

    Yocto Linux

  • Country of Origin: